Solo - 4 & 5 - (English)

"So lo : solo, alone,Solus: A single voice, narrative or performance with or without accompaniment."

Solo is a book series that was published bimonthly by DC, beginning in October 2004. Each issue has 48 pages plus covers, with no ads.Solo got in total, twelve issues.The title was conceived as an anthology series to spotlight the work of a different comic book artist in each issue. The creators were free to tell stories in any genre and to use DC's library of characters as they saw fit. They could also work with writers if they chose, but the intention of the series was for them to show off the range of their own individual artistic sensibilities and abilities.In some ways it could be seen as a descendant of DC's old Showcase series, though instead of developing new concepts the title highlights the work of established industry professionals.
The artists are (from 4 to 5):
#4 Howard Chaykin
#5 Darwyn Cooke