Hack/Slash:Land Of Lost Toys - 3 of 3 - Full (English)

HACK/SLASH: Land of Lost Toys its a mini-series, with the first issue released by Devil's Due Publishing in late 2005.
HACK/SLASH tells the story of two "slasher" killers, Cassie and Vlad. In this mini-series, a string of mysterious deaths occur during the victims' sleep. We learn that the victims are dreaming of toys when they die. One victim is eaten by "My Pretty Horsies", and the second victim is killed while dreaming of "Night Commando" and "Terror Overlord", who bear a striking resemblance to Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander.
HACK/SLASH was co-created by Tim Seeley (G.I.Joe artist)and Stefano Caselli (G.I.Joe: America's Elite, G.I.Joe Master & Apprentice artist) and published by the same company that publishes G.I.Joe comics, Devil's Due Publishing. The cover shown above is drawn by Stefano Caselli, while the interior art is drawn by Dave Crosland.

Link: Hack/Slash:Land Of Lost Toys - 3 of 3 - Full (English)