Atomika 1 - 8 (English)

Atomika by Andrew Dabb and Sal Abbinanti about an alternate world that gives birth to the first man-made God. January 2005 sees the return of the cold war - to comics. That month Speakeasy Comics will debut the first issue of the twelve-issue series "Atomika." The series is created by writer/artist Sal Abbinanti, who's joined by inker Buzz and co-writer Andrew Dabb with his friend Alex Ross providing the cover to issue #1.
"Atomika is a metaphor for our God of the 20th century (Technology)," said Abbinanti. "He is a God that walks among men. The Soviet Union rules the world, but all the dying Gods (all religions now deemed illegal) are losing their power. Now they want it back, thus they do battle with Atomika for the peoples worship."
Some of the characters that populate the series are based in part on Russian folklore, such as many of the dying Gods of Russia. Arohnir represents the first son of Mother Russia (The Revolution) with Atomika being her second son (Technology). There's also "The State," which Abbinanti described as "sort of a Soviet JLA put together by the government to contain all things deemed counter productive to the CCCP."

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